Can you really call it ‘bathroom’ without a bath? It’s the star of the show, the centrepiece, an icon of glamour and luxury.  New City Heating will find you one that you love.

Enamelled cast iron is probably the most traditional design of bath and has been a staple in bathrooms for centuries. Perfect for the traditional home.

Acrylic is the most common bath material and comes in every size and shape imaginable. The strength in acrylic depends on material thickness, so make sure you know what you’re buying.

Polished metal baths – brass, beaten copper or steel – scream luxury. Love a glass of bubbles and a hot soak? Metal baths retain heat longer than other materials – so time for just one more glass…

Finally, composite stone resin baths are the new kid on the block.  Moulded with volcanic limestone or quartz, these baths can take incredibly artistic shapes, curves and lines making your bathroom a totem to modern design.

One bath doesn’t fit all. That’s why at New City Heating we want you to ‘try on your bath’. With physical, full size displays you can come and sit in our baths and test them for size, shape, and comfort – bubbles and rubber ducks not included!  When you find the one you love, cutting edge design software will show you how it looks in your home.