Fitted vs modular – a wall to wall look, or a single outstanding piece of furniture?

Furniture is increasingly popular as compact new build homes put a premium on storage.  Modular furniture can liberate space, give a clean, elegant look, and be easier to clean and maintain… but it’s important to choose carefully.

On the other hand, a single statement piece looks amazing in its own right and forms a centrepiece to build a bathroom around.

New City Heating’s in-store bathroom displays showcase a wide variety of furniture for you to experience. Our 3D designs show how furniture from a wide variety of manufacturers will look in your cloakrooms and bathrooms.

Bathroom furniture might look like cheaper kitchen furniture but there are key differences. Kitchen furniture is built to a height to accommodate appliances.  Bathroom furniture is slimmer, humidity-proof, and available in a variety of heights to position taps, mirrors, and basins properly.

Our expert staff will talk through all the options available to you and provide a bespoke solution.  Come and see us and make your choice!