Buying taps online is tricky. It’s difficult to distinguish a taps’ key features and only some pictures and prices to choose from, its easy to end up thinking you’ve bagged a bargain – but what if your bargain ends up feeling cheap and nasty?

That’s why we display so many taps at our showroom. Online with every tap carefully photographed on a white background, it’s impossible to see the differences in scale and quality. At our showroom, you can see it, touch it even. You can feel the difference between a tap that’ll last you and a tap you’re wasting money on. 

Our range consists of a huge variety of styles, contemporary, modern and traditional and literally hundreds of finishes. No longer are taps simply standard chrome or brass but rose gold, satin black, nickel, brushed stainless, pewter and more.  

We have a range of shape options too, deck-mounted, floor standing, one-hole faucets, two-hole faucets and more.

Our design team make sure you get a tap that works well, looks great and leaves you happy you came to see us.