Toilets.  More than just a seat. 

When it comes to your throne, you want something with comfort and quality. Use our expertise to help you find a toilet that suits your lifestyle, stays clean, and looks good.

When choosing a new toilet, there are a number of factors to consider.

A main bathroom might benefit from a statement large bowl and cistern. For an ensuite or cloakroom, our concealed cistern toilets and corner WCs are incredibly compact and allow you to win back space.

Back-to-wall or close-coupled?  Close-coupled pans are cheaper, allow easy access, and can be easier to clean. Back-to-wall toilets can look more stylish, are available in a wider variety of sizes, and give a clean, contemporary look with concealed pipework.

Older toilets use up to 13 litres of water per flush – a third of your household water usage.  Modern flushes are far more efficient – rimless technology and a dual flush plate can reduce this to just three litres per flush with no reduction in cleaning power.

So, whatever you need, we’ve got the solution.