Renewable Heating Systems


Working Towards a Greener Future

There’s been a lot of talk regarding gas boilers being banned in the future, this however is incorrect. In 2025 the UK Government will be implementing a new policy ‘The Future Home Standard’. The aim is to help to reduce carbon emissions by installing renewable heating systems.

What Does This Mean For You and Your Home?

The new standard will only apply to new build homes. So, if you already have a gas boiler installed this won’t need to be changed. If your boiler does need to be replaced then you can even opt to have a gas boiler installed again however, it might be worth considering one of the more eco-friendly options.

Renewable Heating Systems

We’ve listed below some of the potential options that will be available to us to help us lower carbon emissions. Which of the lower-carbon heating alternatives could work for you?


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Heating_Renewable Heating Systems Blog

Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps will use the outside air as a heat source whereas ground source heat pumps will use the natural heat from the ground. Both run off electricity, however, if you were to install solar panels the water would run solely on renewable energy. If you’re interested in installing a heat pump, contact your local trade counter for further information.

Hydrogen Boilers 

Hydrogen boilers work in a very similar way to gas boilers. The only difference is they burn hydrogen as opposed to natural gas. Natural gas, oil and, LPG all produce carbon dioxide; hydrogen however reduces the number of carbon emissions. 

Heat Network

Another alternative that may be offered to new builds is a heat network. This means that heat will be delivered from a centralised source.

Electric Boilers 

Electric boilers are usually more compact than gas boilers, they’re also more energy-efficient. They don’t produce carbon emissions and they have a much lower power output.  If you’re looking to install an electric boiler, we can supply from the likes of Trianco, Strom, and Heatrae Sadia.

Solar Thermal Heating Systems

Solar heating systems use heat from the sun to warm up domestic hot water that is then stored in a hot water tank. This option won’t get rid of the use of gas however it will reduce the number of fossil fuels being used. 


Now you know some more information, you’ll be able to make an informed decision when it comes to replacing your boiler. Will you help to create a greener future?


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Japandi Bathrooms


What is a Japandi bathroom?


If you’ve not heard of this style before, the name kind of speaks for itself. Japandi combines Japanese with Scandinavian design ideas. The trend started in 2021, there’s no doubt about its staying power in 2022.



How to design Japandi?


When we think of Japanese styling it’s very elegant and peaceful, often natural materials are used to create a calming spa-like atmosphere.


Scandinavian on the other hand is all about creating a modern, clean and minimalistic space. 


So, now to combine them! Have a look at some of the beautiful bathroom concepts we found on Pinterest or, take inspiration from our Japandi design featured on this page.


Autumn Offers

Autumn Extravaganza_Trade Deals
Trade Deals | Shop Savings In-Store

Our Trade Deals are back, and this time like no other! We’ve packed in plenty of promotions for our Autumn offers which will be running throughout October and November 2021. Save on a huge number of Heating, Plumbing, and Bathroom products from trusted brands such as Highlife, Palio, and Baxi.


Here’s a first look at some of the seasonal savings we have included within our TRADE DEALS.


Please note ALL prices shown exclude VAT.

• 600mm Unit

• Includes Ceramic Basin

• 500mm x 1200mm

• Chrome Finish

• Quick & Easy Installation

• Pack Covers 3.15 SQ M

• 25 Year Guarantee

• 1700mm x 700mm

• Tiles can be Delivered Direct

• Price per SQ M

• 6mm Glass

• Available in Straight or Round

• £30 Love to Shop Voucher with every order placed

• 5 Year Guarantee

• Includes Standard Flue

• 22mm Magnetic Filter

• Competitively Priced

• Low Profile Drain Valve

Super Saturdays

Super Saturdays

Join each of our Trade Counters, every week throughout September for Super Saturdays. Claim any of our 5 fantastic offers within any of our branches.

Terms and Conditions

To qualify, bathroom orders must be over £1000+VAT. Placed through our Trade Counters ONLY. Orders must be quoted and paid for on a Saturday throughout September. Deposits accepted.*

MacMillan Coffee Morning

Friday 24th September 2021 | 9am - 12pm

Our Town Hall showroom will be hosting a coffee morning on Friday 24th September in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support. If you are one of our Trade customers and would like to attend, please RSVP to marketing@newcityheating.co.uk.


You’ll be able to network with local plumbers, builders, and suppliers whilst enjoying tea or coffee and a selection of tempting cakes or bakes. Donations can be made on the day, either in cash or by scanning one of the QR codes.


We look forward to seeing you.

MacMillan Coffee Morning

Summer Savings NOW ON!

Sizzling Summer Savings NOW ON

Visit your local branch throughout June and July to claim any of our Sizzling Summer Savings. You’ll be able to pick up Hep2O and Westco Copper Press (some of our NEWEST plumbing ranges) at unmissable prices, and more in-store!

Summer Trade Deals

Our Summer Savings Competition

Sign up to our mailing list to be entered into our prize draw to WIN £100 credit to spend in your local trade counter.

*All entrants must sign-up in-store. No cash alternative. The winner will be contacted on 31st July 2021.

Bank Holiday Monday!

Bank Holiday





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Bank holidays are the perfect time to browse for bathroom inspiration!

 To book in for your showroom visit on Monday 31st May, please contact the team directly. 

showroom@newcityheating.co.uk | 01908 371 084

Mediterranean Bathrooms
Contemporary Bathrooms
Traditional Bathrooms
Scandinavian Bathrooms

What’s your Tile Style?

Tiles can play a huge part when it comes to giving your bathroom a makeover.


Colour, style, texture, and size. They’re the four main factors to consider when deciding what will work best for your bathroom space. 


Our designers showcase a variety of styles in their designs from one of our leading suppliers, Walls and Floors UK. We’ve picked out a few of our favourite styles to show you!


Here’s our question. What’s your tile style? 


Ambiente Bourton Monochrome
Venato Malla
Bianco Dolmite
Novabell Sovereign
Bano Ventana

Is it Patterns?

They’re an ongoing bathroom trend! From traditional, patchwork, Mediterranean or geometric; whatever the style, they are a sure way to reflect your personality and bring the WOW factor to your space.

Maybe it's Marble?

Marble is the ideal choice if you’re looking to add a sense of timeless luxury to your bathroom. Available in a variety of designs and colour tones; what’s not to love!

What about Large Format Tiles?

Over the last few years, large format tiles have become extremely popular.  Not only do they look stunning no matter the colour and finish, but they also create a spacious atmosphere. They come with fewer grout lines which means you see more tile and they’re super easy to clean! It’s safe to say, these tiles speak for themselves.\

Tempted by Texture?

Why not be bold with your tile choice and celebrate texture? You could think about creating a beautiful feature wall which will instantly add depth to your bathroom space.

If you’re thinking of undergoing a bathroom makeover then you’ve probably saved lots of inspiration but now that we’ve highlighted some of our favourite tile styles, has this changed your mind?


If you’re torn, why not let us show you what your new bathroom could look like using our 3D design service? You’ll be able to see the room with different tile variations to ensure you make the right decision. After all, we know it’s not every day you make this kind of purchase. 


To book in for your design appointment and showroom visit click here.

Shower vs Bath

Shower vs bath, it’s a popular debate. One we think is worth having!

You’re probably already convinced with the team you’ve chosen but let’s see if we can change your way of thinking. With so many pros and cons to each side, will shower or bath be your winner?

Baths are BEST

When it comes to soaking up the atmosphere you automatically think of having a bath. Baths soothe and de-stress, potentially leading to a better night’s sleep. The hot water will soothe aching muscles and can even make you feel less lonely! (It’s true, there’s a study)




You can multitask when having a bath; so set aside that cuppa or even the glass of wine you’ve been craving since 10am. Why not catch up on the soaps at the same time using a bath tray for your iPad? We just wouldn’t recommend charging it at this point… try and keep electricals within the safe bathroom zones.

Showers for the WIN

Showers, they’re quick, convenient, and environmentally friendly. For many of us, they’re our go-to when we’re looking to become the next singing sensation for five minutes; we’ve all done it. Anything for a bit of revitalization!


For those gym-goers or workout enthusiasts, showers are said to be more hygienic. You’ll wash away the sweat and germs rather than bathing in them.


Have you ever noticed that on hair wash day, most people tend to skip the bath option? It’s difficult to get the shampoo and conditioner out in the water that’s already bubbly and not to mention a little awkward logistically.  


Let’s not forget the shower technology that’s available to us. With external shower controls or smart tech from your phone, you can have the shower warmed up and ready to go.

For all the diplomats - choose BOTH!

If you’re on the fence, then why not have both? Baths with showers are extremely popular and that’s so that people can have the best of both worlds.


With so many design options available to us it seems silly to limit ourselves. If you’re considering this option for your new bathroom be sure to have a chat with our design experts to see what might be possible. 


It’s important to remember that regardless of your personal choice when it comes to selling your home most families might steer away from buying if you only have a shower installed.


….and for all the eligible bachelors that might not be too fussed at the moment. It’s important to remember that your future girlfriend will be. 

This blog will have either helped you decide or confused you even more. There’s so much to consider but that’s why it’s an ongoing debate and probably always will be.