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Toilet to Go

Rimless Toilet to Go

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When it comes to redesigning your bathroom, you might already have a clear idea of what you’re looking for. Whether that be a functional family space or a relaxing retreat to escape to.

You might have spent weeks creating the perfect mood board on Pinterest, but now you’re wondering: how can I make this a reality?

That’s where we can help…

Let’s talk about the process

Step 1 – Meeting your Designer

When you come in and see us you’ll meet your designer. At this point you’ll have a chat to discuss what you’re hoping to achieve, who uses the space and any additional requirements you may have. If you’ve shared your Pinterest board with us our designers will be able to get a feel for the styles you like to turn the inspiration from a Pinterest dream to a bathroom reality.

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Step 2 – The Need to Knows

To get us started we’ll need a few bits of information. We’ll need to know your room measurements, where your pipes are located and finally the position of any windows and doors.

If you have any photos of your current bathroom they would be great to see too.

Step 3 – Design Time

Once our designer has worked their magic they will invite you back to view your new bathroom. The 3D design software will create astonishingly realistic images; you might even need to double take! You’ll be able to move a virtual mannequin around the room, open any drawers and cupboards, you can even turn the water on if you like!

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Step 4 – Finalise your Design

At this point, if you’d like to make any changes just let your designer know. They’ll make the amendments and come back to you with a final design for your approval.

Step 5 – The Result

We love seeing our customers’ bathroom dreams come to life. Once the work has been completed, we would love for you to share your results with us. You can do so by sending photos through to your designer, or directly to our marketing team (marketing@newcityheating.co.uk). 

To share your photos with us on social media, follow the links below:

Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram

Don’t forget to tag us @newcityheating


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Buying a bathroom isn’t something that you do every day, so it can be hard to judge how much a new bathroom is really going to cost.

Buying online and on price can be regrettable. A bathroom suite may look stunning in photos but in reality, when it arrives, the set may not be the quality you were hoping for or might not fit your bathroom as you thought. You would not be alone in ending up disappointed – we hear about it a lot.

Working with our experts – who do design lots of bathrooms every day – is like instructing an interior designer… but better for many reasons:

  • an encyclopaedic knowledge of bathroom brands and products
  • the technical know-how about which products are compatible with one another
  • showrooms packed with REAL bathrooms for you to touch and feel, whilst getting an idea for size and the quality of different brands
  • to provide you with inspiration about styles and possibilities
  • a huge portfolio of real bathroom designs to your further inspiration
  • 3D design tools that can show you your new bathroom in startling accurate renderings – you can even open the doors and drawers, and turn on the taps!

Perhaps best of all, our 3D design service is free – because we’re confident we can put together the perfect bathroom for you.

You’ll experience a one to one service with one of our designers who will listen to your ideas, get a feel for your expectations and then guide you through possibilities. They can take inspiration from your own Pinterest board (you can show or share this with us).

So what about the bathroom cost?

We design and supply bathrooms from a few hundred pounds to many thousands of pounds. Clearly, these extremes are very different bathrooms. Our designers will make sure you get the most from your budget – let you know which products are worth investing in, and any areas where you can make savings. NCH is a completely independent bathroom specialist with decades of experience so we do not have any affiliation to any particular brand.

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Our showroom team have exceptional knowledge of the hundreds of products available from numerous suppliers – you will be spoiled for choice. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can take a real or virtual tour around our showrooms.

We want you to feel excited about buying a new bathroom from exploring options you perhaps didn’t think were possible. To book your free 3D design appointment give the team a call on 01908 371084 or visit your local showroom.

We have free parking available at all our branches.


If you’ve read our what and why Pinterest blog, we hope we’ve inspired you to get pinning! To make things super simple, we’ve put together a little how-to guide to help get you started.

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Step 1

First things first, you’ll need to go to pinterest.com, click the signup option and follow the instructions. You can either enter your details manually or sign up using Facebook or Google.

Step 2

At this point, your profile will now have been created and you’ll be asked to answer a few simple questions. This is so Pinterest can get an idea about you and your interests!

Step 3

Pins will now be automatically populated by Pinterest based on the interests you selected. Now you’ll be able to pin away! If you see something you like, select the photo and save it. Don’t worry you aren’t limited to the categories you selected. If you are looking for something in particular you can use the search bar. Pinterest will then populate more pins daily based on your recent activity and searches.

Exploring Pinterest

[modula id=”3206″]

Now you’ve got the basics down, we can go into a little more detail about what you can really do with Pinterest. On your profile, you’ll be able to create boards, you can name them whatever you fancy, there are no rules! When saving your pins, you’ll be able to select which board to send them too and you’ll then start to build up a fantastic mood board!

If you like to be super organised you can even add sub-sections, in the same way, you created the mainboard. Want to share your inspiration with friends or family? Click the + button at the top and Pinterest will allow you to collaborate with others.

If you really love someone’s Pinterest page, New City Heating for example 😉 you’ll be able to follow them and keep up to date with their latest posts. Likewise, if anyone in the pinning realm loves your page, they’ll be able to follow you. 

Did you know you can even chat with your friends? Enter their name or email address and then add your message, it doesn’t have to be pin related – you can have a gossip whilst scrolling, it’s great!

We know how easy it is to stumble across an idea that might not work for you, but would work perfectly for a friend, that’s why the option to share a pin is brilliant. If they haven’t got Pinterest, that’s okay; you can send the pin via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, you could even email them…

Pinterest is a growing platform and it’s clear to see why! At New City Heating, we’re excited about building our page and inspiring our customers when it comes to bathroom design. 

We hope this blog’s been helpful!


Okay, so ladies may dominate the Pinterest world right now but with billions of pins to spark individual interests, it’s a social platform that everyone should know about.

[modula id=”3190″]

…..but what is Pinterest and why should I use it?

Pinterest is a visual discovery search engine that will provide you with endless amounts of inspiration from all over the world. When you sign up, you’ll be asked to select a few different categories that interest you, such as; Bathrooms, Design, Interior. Pins will then be populated to your home feed and you can scroll away. The content will be constantly refreshed and updated as billions of pins are added daily. 

[modula id=”3194″]

Looking for something in particular? Chances are, millions of others are looking for the same thing as you. You can look for your inspiration by using keywords in the search bar. Your recent activity will then automatically populate new pins to your home feed that might be of interest to you.

After signing up (it’s a free platform by the way), you’ll automatically have a profile created. On your profile you’ll be able to view who you follow, who follows you – you’ll even be able to chat with your friends or share content with them!

The ability to make your own boards is an added benefit. This will allow you to keep your pins as organised as you are, and over time you’ll populate a fantastic mood board to refer too. 

If you and your friends are planning something together, a party for example; there’s the option to share your board with the group, so all of your ideas can be incorporated. For those super-neat people, you can even add sections into your board. For example, the mainboard could be called ‘Party’, then the sub-sections  ‘Decor’, ‘Food’, ‘Lighting’. 

The possibilities are endless and there arern’t really any rules. If you love it, pin it – it’s that simple. Save it where you want too and name your boards whatever you like! You can even keep a board secret so that only you will be able to see the content. This is particularly good if you are planning a surprise for someone.

Overall Pinterest is a brilliant way to connect with others and there really is something for everyone. Why not give it a go? You’ve got nothing to lose, but you have got a world’s worth of inspiration to gain


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When you think about remodelling or renovating your bathroom, it can be quite a daunting task. The hassle, the stress, not knowing what you need to ask? Who you need to ask? And sometimes what you are even looking for, or what might be possible. Many of us go online in search of answers but this can sometimes make things even more confusing.

[modula id=”3105″]

Here at New City Heating, we are passionate about bathrooms and inspiring you to realise your bathroom’s full potential. We work with you to achieve your ultimate goal and make the very best of your budget.

[modula id=”3096″]

We’ll need a few things from you to start with, such as room measurements, lots of photos of your current bathroom and any inspiration or ideas that you may have collected on your Pinterest.  You can even share your board with us before you visit! Simply click the + at the top and invite New City Heating to collaborate with you.

[modula id=”3092″]

Our talented designers work their magic using 3D Design software to create astonishingly realistic images of what your ’new’ bathroom will look like. You’ll be able to view the room from different perspectives and manoeuvre a virtual mannequin to get an idea of space. You can even open any cupboards or drawers and turn on the taps! The 3D design is FREE.

[modula id=”3100″]

This software will enable you to virtually try before you buy. Any elements you are unsure of you’ll be able to change, whether that be colour, style, or size. Don’t panic if you are still not sure, our experts will be able to guide you and offer a wide variety of options.

[modula id=”3102″]

How do we do this?

What makes us unique are the 23 REAL bathrooms we have on display across our branches, plus thousands of products from a huge number of brands. FEEL the difference in quality between different taps, different bath materials – and maybe kick off your shoes and try a bath or shower enclosure for size. All our real bathrooms also exist in the virtual world, so you can judge for yourself the remarkable accuracy of the 3D design renders. 

Why stress when we can make bathroom design inspirational and enjoyable? Call or pop in to one of our branches for a free design appointment. 


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The August Bank Holiday is nearly upon us! We can’t quite believe how quickly this year’s gone and how things have changed! If you’re working from home you might be growing a little tired of seeing the same rooms, day in and day out.
Why not use this long weekend to explore what could be possible with your home’s bathrooms and cloakrooms?

There is a huge choice of sanitaryware, taps and furniture these days, and well-designed bathrooms can add value to your home. We can not only design great looking bathrooms but also improve on use of space – and make the very best out of your budget.

[modula id=”3133″]

Our newly refurbished showrooms have over 20 REAL bathrooms and a talented team of designers to guide you and capture your imagination. The 3D visuals we produce are very accurate – compare our designs with the actual room displays in the showrooms. You’ll love the virtual reality and real rooms, plus hundreds of products to look at and feel.

There’s still time to transform 2020, why not start a conversation with us about a new bathroom?


Bank Holiday Monday opening hours
(Monday 31st August 2020)

Town Hall Showroom 10am – 5pm
Watling Street, MK2 2BL

Trade Counter 8am – 4pm
4 Simpson Road, MK2 2DD

Kempston 8am – 4pm
2/4 St John’s Street, MK42 8EP

Leighton Buzzard – Closed
62/64 North Street, LU7 1EN

Buckingham – Closed
Remus House, Castle Street, MK18 1BS

Stony Stratford – Closed
58 Wolverton Road, MK11 1DT


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Our Stony Stratford branch will now be open Monday to Friday 8am-5pm and Saturday 8am-1pm. Come and visit us for all of your heating, plumbing and bathroom needs.

Stony Stratford has ample parking to the back of the building with access from Clarence Road.

58 Wolverton Road,
Stony Stratford,
Milton Keynes
MK11 1DT

Tel: 01908 568585

Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
Saturday 8am-1pm


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We know how much you love to visit our Kempston branch, so we’ve made the decision to re-open it on Saturdays from the 11th of July, 8am-5pm in addition to Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.

Come and visit Chris and the team to get advice and supplies for all of your heating, plumbing and bathroom needs.

There’s plenty of parking at the front of the building.

New City Heating
2/4 St John’s Street,
MK42 8EP

Tel: 01234 852232

Mon-Sat 8am-5pm


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We’re so excited to have our sixth, and final branch re-opening on Monday the 6th July. This branch will initially open Monday to Friday 8am-5pm – watch this space for updates!

Stony Stratford has ample parking to the back of the building with access from Clarence Road.

58 Wolverton Road,
Stony Stratford,
Milton Keynes MK11 1DT

Tel: 01908 568585

Mon-Fri 8am-5pm