Boilers & Spares

Buying Boilers and Spares

Boilers look after your heating system to ensure your home is kept warm throughout the year. When purchasing a new boiler it’s important to understand which type will work for you and your home, and how economic it will be.

What Choices are Available?

We work with renowned manufacturers to supply a range of boilers and spares.

The three main categories include; combi, heating only, and system. In addition, we can also supply oil-fired and LPG.


Combination, also known as central heating boilers are a cost-effective way to heat your home as the water is instantly heated.


Heating-only boilers, also known as conventional boilers require two tanks and a hot water cylinder to run properly. Stored water will be heated which will then feed through to your taps and circulate around your radiators.


System boilers work with a cylinder to provide you with hot water. They don’t come with a heat exchanger, which means they’ll be able to be installed in a sealed system.


LPG relies on a supply of stored gas to generate heat. If you live in a house or apartment which doesn’t have direct access to a mains grid then this might be the choice for you.


Oil-fired boilers work in a similar way to LPG. They use oil to generate hot water, it’s then pumped around your home to supply you with heating and hot water.

Trusted Brands

Talking to our experts at New City Heating will ensure you make the right choice when it comes to your next boiler. If you’re in need of a replacement part, old or new, we’re sure we’ll be able to help. If it’s not something in stock, then we’ll happily source what you need using the team’s knowledge and expertise. 


Contact your local trade counter for further information.


Some of our trusted brands include Ideal Boilers, Worcester, Baxi, Valliant, Glow-worm, and Grant


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