Fixtures & Fittings

Finding the Right Fix

We stock a huge inventory of fixtures, fittings, inhibitors and cleaners. Some of our well-known suppliers include Adey, Fernox, and Calmag. If you’re in need of some expert advice, chat with any of our trade counter teams. They’ll ensure you get the best solution to the job every time along with the exact products you need.

From Fixtures & Fittings to Inhibitors & Cleaners

Our fantastic range of fittings include; Endfeed, Solder Ring, Tectite Sprint, and Speedfit, that’s just to name a few.


Did you know that Fenny Stratford and Kempston now hold stock of Hep2O? Don’t worry, if they aren’t your local you’ll be able to place your order at your nearest branch.


At New City Heating we stock a variety of inhibitors and cleaners from the likes of Fernox and Sentinel. We also offer our own brand, for further information contact your local trade counter.