Radiator Valves

Radiator Valves for Every Room!

You’ve just bought your shiny new radiator, but now it’s time to choose the right radiator valves. 


Why aren’t they included, we hear you say?


There are two main reasons for this:


  • Everyone’s pipes are different 
  • Everyone has an individual home-style

Radiator Valves - The Differences

When we talk about heating valves there are two main types; the first being manual rad valves, the second being TRVs (thermostatic rad valves). 


Radiator valves connect to the pipes in order to control the flow of water and generate heat. It’s important to consider the position of the radiator so you can ensure you choose the right orientation and shape of the valve. At New City Heating we offer a fantastic variety included angled, straight, or corner.


TRVs are designed to keep control of your heating, they’ll be more energy-efficient and could potentially save you money on your heating bills. Our in-stock range includes the likes of Drayton and Evolve.

Designer Finish

If you’ve just finished renovating, or you’ve just purchased a fancy new radiator, then the last thing you’ll want is a standard finish. As a radiator valve is on show, it’s vital to choose one which fits in with its surroundings. We can offer various colours including; Anthracite, Black, Chrome and White.  Along with various finishes and a number of different styles and sizes. Popular brand choices include Highlife, Eastbrook, Towel Rads and DQ Heating.


Keep snug in style! Contact your local branch for further information.