Underfloor Heating

A Cost-Effective Way to Heat Your Home

At New City Heating we work with various suppliers such as Beneath Heat, Hetta and Speedfit to ensure you get the best bespoke underfloor heating solution for your home. 


There are two types of radiant heating systems; Electric (dry) and Water (wet). Electric will work by heating wires underneath the flooring whereas, with the water system, hot water will run through the pipes to create heat.


The Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Aside from cosy toes and the luxurious feeling that underfloor heating provides, it also comes with a number of other benefits. Without radiators, you’ll be able to enjoy the entire room space! You’ll have no cold areas, as the floor heat will remain consistent throughout and overall the systems are pretty effortless to run.


When a radiator heats a room it needs to reach a high temperature in order to do so effectively. Underfloor heating in comparison doesn’t need to reach this level. Whilst the installation costs might be slightly higher, you could be saving money on your overall heating costs each year.


Our experts will be able to provide you with further information on underfloor heating systems and help you decide what solution will work best for your home. All we’ll need to get started is a rough room diagram along with your measurements. If it’s something you’d like to go ahead with, we’ll contact one of our trusted suppliers to arrange this for you. Each of our suppliers offers a design service with a variety of options varying in price point.


If you’re looking to give your underfloor heating a big environmental green stamp, we can recommend a range of compatible pumps and thermostats to ensure energy efficiency.