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…features effortless “invisible design” and an on-trend black colour finishes, alongside self-cleaning rollers and antibacterial glazes. The perfect combination of form and function ensures each and every detail is considered. Merlyn have an extensive portfolio of mid to high-end products, ensuring a solution for every project and budget.


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Black and white is a classic combination that oozes sophistication and a timeless appeal that is sure to make an impact, while also standing the test of time. Black shower enclosures fuse style and elegance with practical functionality, making them one of the most on-trend shower doors.


Our MERLYN Black Collection features a stunning selection of Black Framed and Frameless Shower Enclosures and Shower walls that create a fabulous contrast feature within your bathroom.


Pair your black shower with matching black sanitaryware and accessories, and complementary white tiles for the ultimate monochrome look that will be the envy of all who visit.


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M A X I M I S E  Y O U R  B A T H R O O M  S P A C E

Merlyn IQ Sliding Shower Enclosure


Sliding shower doors effortlessly glide side-to-side. They can be fitted in square, rectangular and curved shower enclosures. No extra space is needed as the door slides within its own frame.
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Arysto Bifold Shower Door


Bifold shower doors fold into two sections and they have a discreet bifold hinge for a sleek finish. They also pull open and slide to one side in a smooth motion.
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Arysto Infold Shower Door


Infold shower doors open into the enclosure, this minimises the outward opening space. They've been designed to specifically save space in small bathrooms!
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The bathroom can be one of the busiest, yet smallest spaces in a home. If you’re tight for space, carefully choosing the right shower enclosure or shower shape can make a compact bathroom more spacious. Take a look at MERLYN’s full range of bifold and infold doors here.


Now that you know what options are available, visit New City Heating to hear more about how this beautiful collection and what could work for your bathroom space.

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