I think it’s safe to say that many of us took browsing and mooching for granted. When you visit a showroom, it’s not just what you can see and touch, it’s the benefit of having an expert present to help.


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Sometimes we can all be guilty of not asking the questions we really want to know the answers to, especially when it may seem silly. To us, it’s not! (there are no silly questions, we’re here to help) 


That’s why we thought we’d share insight from our recent Instagram Q&A.

Q: I want to redo my entire bathroom, will it be really expensive?

A: It doesn’t have to be! Our team will use their knowledge and expertise to guide you on where to spend your money so that you’ll still be able to achieve your dream bathroom within budget.


Q: Can I put my shower tray flat on my floor?

A: If you have space within the floor to conceal the waste pipe then yes, If not then you will need a riser kit.


Q: When I’ve visited previously some products have been a little out of my price range, can you offer alternatives?

A: Of course! We work with a huge range of suppliers at a variety of price points so there really is something for everyone, we just need to know what it is you’re looking for.


Q:  Taps all look the same to me, how do I know what to go for? 

A: It’s hard to tell online but the reality is you do get what you pay for. Our experts can provide in-depth information but as a guideline, we’d recommend going for midrange or you may end up having to replace them sooner than you’d like.

Q: I’m looking for a unique bathroom design, can you do something completely bespoke?

A: Absolutely! Bespoke is what we do best. Our designers aren’t limited when it comes to bathroom design, they can even take inspiration from your trusted Pinterest board, all you need to do is share it with us.


Q: How can I make my bathroom look bigger?

A: Light colours are the best option for opening up a small bathroom and creating the illusion of extra space. Soft, neutral tones such as light creams, greys, blues and sages are superb choices for compact bathroom areas. Avoid the likes of deep greys and blues in tight bathroom spaces.

Adding in gloss units and glass will reflect the light around the room making it seem brighter and bigger.


Q: I’ve had my bathroom for a couple of years, it’s a basic new build installation. How can I give it a touch of my personality without it costing the world? Any tips?

A: Simple things like changing your taps and adding a pop of colour can transform the room. Have a look on our Pinterest page for some inspiration @newcityheating.


Q: Is the design process complicated? What if I am unable to go ahead?

A: No not at all, our designer’s make the process as simple as possible from start to finish. There’s no commitment and our 3D design service is free. You can read more about the design process on one of our recent blog posts ‘’Our design service’.

Whilst we are temporarily closed we know it won’t be the exact same showroom experience, however, our bathroom experts have been working hard to make sure you receive the best virtual experience possible.


We miss having the conversations with you, so don’t be afraid to get in touch and say hello!


We look forward to the day we can open our doors again but until then, the virtual door is always open.

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