Our latest discovery

Sometimes what you’re looking for comes when you’re not looking at all…

More often than not we know exactly what we’re looking for when it comes to heating, plumbing, and bathrooms but sometimes we come across hidden gems that we’d forgotten all about. With years of inventory, it’s no surprise that snippets from the past pop out of the woodwork. 


Have a look at one of our latest finds, any ideas what this might have been used for?

This is a safety device that is around 40-50 years old and known as a fusible link. It’s held together with a special solder that would melt in the event of a fire. It probably would’ve been holding up the lever to a large gas valve as a fail-safe device and would break apart allowing the valve to shut, simple but effective!


It’s safe to say times have definitely moved on but history still lives within New City Heating.

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