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Okay, so ladies may dominate the Pinterest world right now but with billions of pins to spark individual interests, it’s a social platform that everyone should know about.

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…..but what is Pinterest and why should I use it?

Pinterest is a visual discovery search engine that will provide you with endless amounts of inspiration from all over the world. When you sign up, you’ll be asked to select a few different categories that interest you, such as; Bathrooms, Design, Interior. Pins will then be populated to your home feed and you can scroll away. The content will be constantly refreshed and updated as billions of pins are added daily. 

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Looking for something in particular? Chances are, millions of others are looking for the same thing as you. You can look for your inspiration by using keywords in the search bar. Your recent activity will then automatically populate new pins to your home feed that might be of interest to you.

After signing up (it’s a free platform by the way), you’ll automatically have a profile created. On your profile you’ll be able to view who you follow, who follows you – you’ll even be able to chat with your friends or share content with them!

The ability to make your own boards is an added benefit. This will allow you to keep your pins as organised as you are, and over time you’ll populate a fantastic mood board to refer too. 

If you and your friends are planning something together, a party for example; there’s the option to share your board with the group, so all of your ideas can be incorporated. For those super-neat people, you can even add sections into your board. For example, the mainboard could be called ‘Party’, then the sub-sections  ‘Decor’, ‘Food’, ‘Lighting’. 

The possibilities are endless and there arern’t really any rules. If you love it, pin it – it’s that simple. Save it where you want too and name your boards whatever you like! You can even keep a board secret so that only you will be able to see the content. This is particularly good if you are planning a surprise for someone.

Overall Pinterest is a brilliant way to connect with others and there really is something for everyone. Why not give it a go? You’ve got nothing to lose, but you have got a world’s worth of inspiration to gain

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