Plumbing Tools

Plumbing Tools - Improving the Way You Work

Having the right plumbing tools on hand can make all the difference. From everyday jobs to tricky trade dilemmas; whatever it may be, the right kit can ensure you work safely to get the job finished.

What Makes up a Plumbers Tool Kit?

Whilst everyone is different, we can name some of the essentials you’re guaranteed to find. From wrenches and spanners to solder wire and fluxes, all of which we can offer at New City Heating. Some of our leading manufacturers we supply include REMS Tools, Rothenberger, and Arctic Hayes.

We know the importance of keeping your kit fully stocked to ensure a plumbing installation or maintenance can run smoothly. That’s why we pride ourselves on being able to offer the latest plumbing tools. Need something in particular? Why not call ahead and chat with one of our experts?

What Plumbing Tools can be Found on our Shelves?

Each of our branches holds a range of tools on site. Including pipe slicers, torchespliers, and more. 


Giving DIY a try? Let our team know. They’ll be happy to help guide you when it comes to using the tool and provide you with tips for the job at hand.