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Working Towards a Greener Future

There’s been a lot of talk regarding gas boilers being banned in the future, this however is incorrect. In 2025 the UK Government will be implementing a new policy ‘The Future Home Standard’. The aim is to help to reduce carbon emissions by installing renewable heating systems.

What Does This Mean For You and Your Home?

The new standard will only apply to new build homes. So, if you already have a gas boiler installed this won’t need to be changed. If your boiler does need to be replaced then you can even opt to have a gas boiler installed again however, it might be worth considering one of the more eco-friendly options.

Renewable Heating Systems

We’ve listed below some of the potential options that will be available to us to help us lower carbon emissions. Which of the lower-carbon heating alternatives could work for you?


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Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps will use the outside air as a heat source whereas ground source heat pumps will use the natural heat from the ground. Both run off electricity, however, if you were to install solar panels the water would run solely on renewable energy. If you’re interested in installing a heat pump, contact your local trade counter for further information.

Hydrogen Boilers 

Hydrogen boilers work in a very similar way to gas boilers. The only difference is they burn hydrogen as opposed to natural gas. Natural gas, oil and, LPG all produce carbon dioxide; hydrogen however reduces the number of carbon emissions. 

Heat Network

Another alternative that may be offered to new builds is a heat network. This means that heat will be delivered from a centralised source.

Electric Boilers 

Electric boilers are usually more compact than gas boilers, they’re also more energy-efficient. They don’t produce carbon emissions and they have a much lower power output.  If you’re looking to install an electric boiler, we can supply from the likes of Trianco, Strom, and Heatrae Sadia.

Solar Thermal Heating Systems

Solar heating systems use heat from the sun to warm up domestic hot water that is then stored in a hot water tank. This option won’t get rid of the use of gas however it will reduce the number of fossil fuels being used. 


Now you know some more information, you’ll be able to make an informed decision when it comes to replacing your boiler. Will you help to create a greener future?


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