Shower vs Bath

Shower vs bath, it’s a popular debate. One we think is worth having!

You’re probably already convinced with the team you’ve chosen but let’s see if we can change your way of thinking. With so many pros and cons to each side, will shower or bath be your winner?

Baths are BEST

When it comes to soaking up the atmosphere you automatically think of having a bath. Baths soothe and de-stress, potentially leading to a better night’s sleep. The hot water will soothe aching muscles and can even make you feel less lonely! (It’s true, there’s a study)




You can multitask when having a bath; so set aside that cuppa or even the glass of wine you’ve been craving since 10am. Why not catch up on the soaps at the same time using a bath tray for your iPad? We just wouldn’t recommend charging it at this point… try and keep electricals within the safe bathroom zones.

Showers for the WIN

Showers, they’re quick, convenient, and environmentally friendly. For many of us, they’re our go-to when we’re looking to become the next singing sensation for five minutes; we’ve all done it. Anything for a bit of revitalization!


For those gym-goers or workout enthusiasts, showers are said to be more hygienic. You’ll wash away the sweat and germs rather than bathing in them.


Have you ever noticed that on hair wash day, most people tend to skip the bath option? It’s difficult to get the shampoo and conditioner out in the water that’s already bubbly and not to mention a little awkward logistically.  


Let’s not forget the shower technology that’s available to us. With external shower controls or smart tech from your phone, you can have the shower warmed up and ready to go.

For all the diplomats - choose BOTH!

If you’re on the fence, then why not have both? Baths with showers are extremely popular and that’s so that people can have the best of both worlds.


With so many design options available to us it seems silly to limit ourselves. If you’re considering this option for your new bathroom be sure to have a chat with our design experts to see what might be possible. 


It’s important to remember that regardless of your personal choice when it comes to selling your home most families might steer away from buying if you only have a shower installed.


….and for all the eligible bachelors that might not be too fussed at the moment. It’s important to remember that your future girlfriend will be. 

This blog will have either helped you decide or confused you even more. There’s so much to consider but that’s why it’s an ongoing debate and probably always will be.

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